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Marc and Lea Are Starting A Book Club! Octavia Butler’s ‘Kindred’ Is First Up

kindredMarch 4, 2015 – Segment 5

Do you want to be part of a Steiner Show book club? Blues and Gospel singer Lea Gilmore, Center for Emerging Media’s Culture Editor, joins us to introduce the Lea & Marc Book Club! We will feature a different book every month and discuss it on the air. The first title is Kindred by Octavia Butler, and we’ll be discussing the book on the air in early April. We want you to read the book along with us. Check in the coming week for more details.

Remembering Octavia Butler & Examining Diversity in Science Fiction

octaviaFebruary 24, 2015 – Segment 2

To honor science fiction writer Octavia Butler, who died on February 24, 2006, we examine diversity in the realm of science fiction, with: Ytasha L. Womack, author, filmmaker, and dancer, whose latest book is Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy; adrienne maree brown, co-editor of  Octavia’s Brood, sci-fi writer, and Emergent Strategy facilitator; K Tempest Bradford, speculative fiction writer, media critic, gadget head, and board member of the Carl Brandon Society, an organization dedicated to supporting and highlighting people of color in science fiction, fantasy, and horror media; and Jason T. Harris, author and editor of REDLINES: Baltimore 2028.

Cultural Crossroads: Afrofuturism

blaqstarrOctober 10, 2014 – Segment 4

We rebroadcast of our show on Afrofuturism, with world-renowned Gospel and Blues singer Lea Gilmore! Lea and Marc talk with: Baltimore-based producer, DJ, and singer Blaqstarr; poet, MC, singer and producer Camae Defstar, aka Moor Mother Goddess; and author, filmmaker, dancer, and futurist Ytasha L. Womack. Womack’s latest book, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy explores black sci fi culture, black comix, and the legacy of Afrofuturism.


Why Was Cambridge Teacher Patrick McLaw Suspended?

cambridgeSeptember 3, 2014 – Segment 5

We continue our conversation about the Cambridge, Maryland middle school teacher, Patrick McLaw, who was suspended from his teaching duties supposedly for writing a scifi novel about a school shooting that takes place in the year 2902. Recent news updates, though, suggest that this is not the whole story. We talk about what this means for free speech of teachers and the critical potential of scifi with Dr. Roni Ellington, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Morgan State University and Ytasha Womack, filmmaker, dancer and author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy.


Remembering Octavia Butler

octavia-butlerJune 23, 2014 – Segment 4

We reflect on on the life, work, and legacy of author Octavia Butler, who died in 2006 but would have turned 67 yesterday. With: adrienne maree brown, co-editor of the upcoming anthology Octavia’s Brood, sci-fi writer, and Emergent Strategy facilitator; and Dr. DaMaris B. Hill, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky.


Cultural Crossroads: Afrofuturism and Music, Film and Book Recommendations

sunraMarch 27, 2014 – Segment 4

It’s our monthly Arts and Culture segment with Center for Emerging Media’s Cultural Editor, world-renowned Gospel and Blues singer Lea Gilmore! We talk Afrofuturism, with: Baltimore-based producer, DJ, and singer Blaqstarr; poet, MC, singer and producer Camae Defstar, aka Moor Mother Goddess; and author, filmmaker, dancer, and futurist Ytasha L. Womack. Womack’s latest book, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy explores black sci fi culture, bleeks, black comix, and the legacy of futurism. Blaqstarr will be performing at an event this Saturday, March 29,  highlighting Afrofuturism in Baltimore.

We close out the show with Lea’s and Marc’s reflections and recommendations on what they’ve been reading, listening to, and watching.